The City of Reykjavík and Space Iceland are honoured to host a joint meeting on innovation and artificial intelligence in urban environments on Wednesday 23 September, City Hall at the City Hall from 13.00 – 15.45.  We welcome all members of the public. Talks will be conducted in either Icelandic or English.

Emery Neufeld is a researcher in the Faculty of Informatics at the TU Wien, whose work focuses on the automation of normative reasoning for the implementation of ethical artificial intelligence.

Neufeld’s talk: Artificial Citizens: Friendly AI and Ethics for Machines, attempts to touch on some of the challenges of designing and implementing AI that is sensitive to human values and ethics. The complexity of AI systems and the volume of the data they process have proven to be challenging factors in the socially responsible development and use of these technologies.

EFLA’s experts will talk about their work on self-driving public transport and microflow. Aims and issues include the introduction of self-driving public transport and the opportunities arising as a result of new technology and microflow.

Daði Áslaugarson, at Stræto – public transport, will talk about how Strætó contributes to engage in innovation and research. Strætó projects include drones hitching rides on self-driving buses and more.

Lilja G. Karlsdóttir from Borgarlínan Project Office talks about the new city mass transit infrastructure investment Borgarlína (City line), and how it can contribute to AI usage and development.

United Kingdon ambassador to Iceland, Michael Nevin, discusses the collaboration between the UK Space Agency and the public sector regarding the use of satellite data and smart technology for increased efficiency and improved service to the public.

The meeting is chaired by Dóra Björt Guðjónsdóttir, Chair of the Reykjavík Human Rights, Innovation and Democracy Council. Sigurborg Ósk Haraldsdóttir, Planning and Transport committee Chair, will deliver opening remarks and welcome guests and speakers.

The meeting will be streamed online and end with a panel discussion and questions from the audience.

Video of the meeting:

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