MP Helgi Hrafn Gunnarsson spoke about Space Iceland’s work and the Icelands space sector status in […]
After perseverance successful landing on Mars last Thursday, Thor Fanndal sent this letter of congratulations to […]
One of our more enjoyable work at Space Iceland is sending congratulations and support to scientists. […]
On Friday 06.11.2020, Space Iceland had a short meeting with the Althing budget committee to discuss […]
Space Iceland offers assistance to space sector workers who want to work remotely from Iceland through […]
Space Iceland has submitted to Parliament a review of the 2021 budget. We would like to […]
Thor Fanndal The Reykjavík Grapevine – our local English daily – has just published a fantastic cover […]
The Ministry of Industries and Innovation has declined Space Iceland’s FOI request on documents and analysis […]
Skyrora’s Skylark Micro rocket launches from Iceland Skyrora has successfully launched its two-stage, four-metre tall sub-orbital […]
Skyrora’s launch crew have successfully arrived at the launch site in the Langanes Peninsula in Iceland, […]