Space Iceland is looking for cooperatives in art and design for a long-term project. It is a cooperative project with the Moon Gallery on creating and designing an art piece that will be sent to the Moon.

The project’s main goal is to involve children at a primary school level in the design process, with the guidance of artists, designers, engineers, and scientists. During the project, children’s creativity, imagination and independent thinking will be at the forefront. It is an interdisciplinary project where experts in art, design, engineering, space science and technology, physics and chemistry, and other natural sciences and technology are involved.

If you or your company would like to be involved in the project on a design level, please send us an inquiry, no later than midnight March 21st 2021.

Moon Gallery is an international collaborative artwork and a gallery of ideas worth sending to the Moon. Moon Gallery aims to set up the first permanent museum on the Moon. Moon Gallery will launch 100 artefacts to the Moon within the compact formatt of 10 x 10 x 1cm plate on a lunar lander exterior panelling.

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